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Transform your business completely with Ceiling Cat’s revolutionary video production and promotional video services. 


We are an award winning video production agency helping you create a perfect video ad for your business. 

Innovation In Our Blood

We are revolutionizing the way video production is done in the digital era. Innovation lies in Ceiling Cat’s blood.

Highest Conversion

Our video ads have the potential to completely take a business to next level. We are known to have one of the highest conversion rates. 

We are famous for


Cinematic Video Ads

These ads work tremendously well with products & services that require credibility & influence. Generally High-Ticket.
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Isometric & Graphics

Isometric & Graphics Video Ads

These ads are especially for more modern and funky look. Very popular among SAAS businesses.
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Spokesperson Video Ads

These ads work great is all scenarios. Because there's a face involved the ads can be more effective.
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Why Video Ads Work The Best?

Video ads are the best form of advertising in today’s digital era. Are you a new business and want to establish trust and authority right away? Video ads are your go to option. 

Videos have the power to connect with the people in a form like no other. This is the reason we are seeing such an incredible growth in the number of video content creators. This is a clear sign that video work the best. Even the world’s most renowned brands have started to see this trend.

Sky-Rocket Your Business.

In the current time period when the competition is at all time high & business are failing at a pace like never before, even the established ones, remember Toys R’us or Forever 21? What is causing this? What exactly is the problem that’s causing this massive downfall? 

Not being on the internet.  You have to be on the internet today. You have to show people who you are! A video advertising is the best option. But the digital advertising works very differently from traditional commercials. This is where Ceiling Cat comes in. We specialize in creating a innovative ad that will help you sky-rocket your business.

Video Ads That Actually Work!

Ceiling Cat is focused on creating ads that actually work today. We use advanced data analytics to accurately predict what works and what doesn’t. Our team works hard everyday to help businesses like you scale and grow on the internet. 

100 %
Video vs Image Conversion Rate
$ 50 B
Ad Revenue [2019]
350 M
People Watching Video Content Daily
Ceiling Cat Digital Video Ads Production

Changing The Way Digital Ads Are Created.

Ceiling Cat is changing the way digital ads are created in 2020. Our ads have a meaning and are created by professional data analysts & designers. It is the perfect time to grow your business in 2020 with our video production services.

Results 100%
Satisfaction 100%

All plans include script writing & music licensing


15 Seconds
$ 149
  • 1080P
  • 1 Variation
  • Animation Option
  • Whiteboard Option
  • 2 Revisions


30 Seconds
$ 249
  • Starter +
  • Voice Over
  • 1 Additional Variation
  • Unlimited Revisions
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45 Seconds
$ 499
  • Growing +
  • 2 Additional Variations
  • Complex & Advanced Designs
  • Custom Complicated Detailing
  • Priority Support

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